Schengen, Dublin and Switzerland FAQ

January 6, 2009

• Are Swiss visas issued before the 12.12.2008 still valid?
Yes, they are valid. However, Swiss visas issued before the 12.12.2008 are only valid for Switzerland. If the person wishes to travel to another Schengen State, he has to apply for a Schengen visa in the corresponding country.

• May I as a third-country national requiring a visa with an annual or permanent residence permit (Permit B or C) travel without a visa throughout the Schengen area after the entry into force…
In principle, yes. But I take my passport with me. For questions regarding the requirements governing entry to other countries, I contact the competent authorities of the country concerned.

• Does a Romanian or Bulgarian passport entitle the holder to enter Switzerland without a visa?
Under prevailing law, Romanian and Bulgarian nationals require a passport for entry to Switzerland without a visa.

• I am an Indian national and the holder of an American Green Card. Do I require a visa for entry to Switzerland after the entry into force of the SAA?
Yes. The same also applies for third-country nationals living in the United Kingdom or Ireland.

• Under what conditions is a passport recognised?
A passport is recognised if it indicates the identity of the holder as well as the fact that he/she is a national of the issuing country, the fact that it has been issued by a country recognised by Switzerland and that this country guarantees the return of its nationals at all times. The FOM may authorise exceptions from the passport requirement.

Please find the above frequently asked questions and their answers among others at the homepage of the Federal Office for Migration.