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January 20, 2008

 Real Liberals or Rather Puppets of Secret Societies?
In a recent post, I mentioned Christoph Blocher as an example of what can happen to a liberal nonconformist these days, even in cosy Switzerland. The billionary and former CEO of Ems Chemie was refused to be reelected as member of the Swiss Federal Cabinet (Bundesrat). To think of it, the Bundesrat consists of the representatives of all major parties of Switzerland. It thus forms a big coaltion in this executive body. Two members are from the Swiss Peoples Party, Samuel Schmid, Minister of Defence and himself, Minister of Justice. With nearly 30% of the voters’ support, one could have presumed that this representative of Switzerland’s most powerful political party will be undisputable in the executive body.

The world’s most direct democracies is where ordinary people can ask for a referendum vote by means of 100’000 signatures in order to change an act of the Swiss Constitution.  It is a completely different thing when it comes to the election of the Cabinet. The ordinary folks have absulutely no say in that. This is entirely the domain of the 200 Members of Parliament.

In a big coaltion like this where the big four parties are all entangled in the government, you have to be a team player being diplomatic with your Cabinet colllegues, with the members of the two chambers of the Parliament, with your staff. Not so Mr. Blocher. He sacked people whom he did not like, and he often did not support the consensus opinion of the government. To make this short, what I really like though about Blocher is the fact that his mouth spoke out what was in his heart. He was absolutely not corruptable. He would not dance, you bet, not for the political left, not for the European Union, not for the ideals of the United Nations. He was an independent all the way lobbying for freedom from government and international control whenever he could. He is the founder of AUNS, the pressure group for an independent and neutral country. What is freedom? What is independency anyway?  

 Across the Atlantic Ocean, we look out for a candidate for Presidency of the United States who will bring back the American dream of a free and prosperous society, as they say. Have you ever heard of Ron Paul for President? Isn’t it that the media kept talking about Hilary Clinton and Obama? As a Swiss, the first name of the Republicans that pops up in my mind is Giuliani. But surprise, surprise.

In Wyoming, Ron Paul, the one-time Libertarian candidate and 10-term Republican congressman from Texas, was in second place. That’s right, Second Place… ahead of all other Republicans except Romney.

Source: http://www.ronpaul2008.com/ .

I am not quite sure. I just have a feeling in the water that a recent bestseller in the U.S. had a major inpact in this Pre-Election campaigns. As the saying goes, a secret society is no longer secret. The Bilderberg Group has been observed closely during their 2006 Ottawa meeting. A documentary was born. In this more than two hour coverage, the same Ron Paul, who just scored silver in Wyoming was shortly interviewed, with regard to the possibility of world dominion by a tiny elite of a secret society. In this movie, he said clearly what he stands for. Freedom from international corruption. And he is a Texan, this is a resistence camp against international dominion just like Switzerland’s indepency being constantly challenged by the surrounding European Union. And Texas sees evidence of rising powers just in front of their doorstep. A supranational tollway is being built between Mexico and the U.S.. it is happening right now. Is this the paveway to the North Atlantic Union with the NAFTA owning the future highway system? This is not the first time in history that world dominion has been attempted. But this is just the tip of the iceberg as you can see in the movie.

May I express my hope that the American people will elect Ron Paul for President. This will at least delay the New World Order as proclaimed by President Bush Senior.

God bless free countries like Switzerland and the United States of America. How long will they still be free?




Movie download: http://www.digg.com/lbv.php?id=3924869&ord=1

Update Ron Paul Interview on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yM3JjVVzUIY&eurl=https://swissreviews.wordpress.com/wp-admin/index.php?page=tag-surfer

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