Martina Hingis’ Dignified Despite the Odds

Hingis Remembers a Drink being Given to Her…

This can be read on Hingis’ website forum ( Hingis Forum ) . She is so much smarter than she may look like during her last TV-spot presenting her V-Zug high-tech household machines. She said she is not an “ace” in cooking and played dumb gittery during the spot. The PR gurus played with Martina’s cute innocent smile and nearly perfect reputation. Now it’s all gone. V-Zug will stop the TV-spots that were planned until the end of the year. Because Hingis’ confession of the Wimbeldon B-test reconfirming that their was cocaine in her blood was a shock that even struck the sponsors. But like Addidas, V-Zug doesn’t want to cancel Hingis’ contract for now. Yonex could even imagine to write an ambassador contract for Hingis, yet depending on the development of the case.

But this is not enough of the confusion. There was no official information of Hinggis’ doping case to the International Tennis Association. It all came from Hingis’ mouth. Why? Earlier this year she said she was so motivated, and she won another couple of titles since her comeback. it all looked so promising. But it was just too much for her nerves and her already worn out body. May be her mother Melanie pushed her too hard during her youth? At 18 she fell off her horse and needed to have a surgery on her knees. Then her complicated foot situation – the pain is back. Then her hip hurts.

 I understand that she does not want to publicly fight the case for years while still playing, and thus risking a clash with the Tennis Association lateron. It was the right moment for her to retire from World Tennis. Somebody in the forum mentioned that Martina was wearing her engagement ring again. That could be a test for the man who may still love her now. Will he take his chance now, while many of those who used to laugh with Martina, will turn their back against her?

 God bless Martina!


5 Responses to Martina Hingis’ Dignified Despite the Odds

  1. Frankie says:

    Samrt, dumb, hGH cute, or Venus Williams ugly, it matters not.

    Hingis is a double confirmed drug cheat. She flunked here A & B sample and is now suspended from all Olympic sport play for tewo years.

    Pot Belge injection is the product/method in use (heroin, cocaine, morphine & caffeine)

    Never mind Martina’s testosterone steroids, hGH, insulin and corticosteroids use.

    LIVE WRONG! Hingis is just like Marion Jones, Kelli White, Regina jacobs, Michelle Collins, Tori Edwards, Justin Gatlin and Lance Pharmstrong.

  2. Frankie says:

    Hingis is a confirmed doper and is presently under suspension.

    Pot Belge injection, not enough saline.

  3. Schweizer says:

    Frankie, thanks for commenting. Are you saying that had Martina used more saline, her urine or blood would have been spotless during the random test in Wimbledon?

  4. Jayred says:

    I’m really sad about this news.

    I was so happy when she made a comeback a few years ago; it actually inspired me a lot. And now, this.

    Hope and pray all will be well with Swiss Miss.

  5. If you want to read a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this article for four from five. Decent info, but I have to go to that damn google to find the missed parts. Thank you, anyway!

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