Swiss Elections 2007 Result Update 22-Oct-1:00 p.m.

Far right wing clipped despite Swiss People’s Party’s victory jig!!

A much exposed right-wing member of the Swiss National Council NR Ulrich Schlueer has lost his mandate after this year’s election despite the phenomenal result of the Swiss People’s Party in the Swiss National Council. Ulrich Schlüer was interviewed before by The Independent in connection with the campaign about the black sheep posters during his election. He had been identified with the black sheep campagne even before the pre-election riots in Berne, Switzerland.

Those of you who think that the Zurich wing of the Swiss People’s party – as formerly cherished by Government member (Bundesrat) Christoph Blocher – has thus been weekend enough because of the widely hated black sheep campain, may be disillusioned later again. Schluuer has particularly lost votes because of his harsh tone which made many SVP voters embarrassed about Switzerland and its reputation. In Zurich, by the way, the result of the ‘Upper Chamber’ is not out yet. The first round came up with Dr. Felix Gutzwiler, FDP, as winner for the first mandate. The second round might turn out in favor of Ueli Maurer, president of the SVP party, as the second Zurich representative of the upper chamber, which means…
…Dr. Ulrich Schlüer as runner-up will be in parliament again by taking the MP seat of Maurer!

For more detailed results for both the parties and its elected members in both chambres, click National Council (Nationalrat), Upper Chamber (Ständerat) and Overview in German.


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